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What the rise of the CAV industry means for passenger transport tenders

News 19th January 2021

Increasing opportunities for passenger transport tenders At Logistics Tenders, we predict an increase in passenger trans…
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School Transport Contracts – An insight into School Transport Tenders

News 28th May 2020

Bidding for school transport contracts – An insight into School Transport Tenders school transport contracts are perh…
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Taxi Contracts: A detailed guide to tendering for Taxi Contracts

News 12th April 2020

Taxi Contracts: A detailed guide to tendering for Taxi Contracts Why tender for work? Tendering for taxi contracts, simp…
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London Bus Tenders

News 2nd April 2020

London bus tenders: an insight London bus tenders are unique. This is because London’s entire bus network is regulated…
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We’ve Rebranded!

News 12th April 2019

Our parent company, Hudson, is going through a complete rebrand and so here at Logistics Tenders, we have a new look,…
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News 24th July 2018

North East cash injection announced! The North East will be “better connected than ever” Prime Minister Theresa May …
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Logistics Tenders | Book A Demo Today!

News 9th February 2017

Here at Logistics Tenders our Business Development Team is second to none. We understand that buying into a subscription…
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